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Bust the Fat with Liposomal Turmeric


Weight management is a full-time job in which nearly everyone seems to be engaged—you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t think they “could lose a few pounds.”

In fact, one third of all U.S. adults are obese, and 69% of all Americans are either overweight or obese. Sadly, many ingrained aspects of modern society make obesity almost inevitable: the notoriously health-sapping American diet, ever-present environmental toxins, and sedentary lifestyle practices, just to name a few.

In order to contend with all of these barriers to proper weight management, we need more than just an abdominal workout and occasional half-hearted dieting. Even those who maintain a disciplined diet and fitness regimen often find that shedding excess pounds is not an easy task.

Luckily, the popular superfood turmeric has begun to weigh in on the subject (pun intended), and studies show that this golden spice can be uniquely helpful to anyone trying to lose weight.

A new way to lose weight

Most attempts at weight loss fail because they’re based on an incomplete understanding of the factors involved.

Most of us have been trained to believe that burning as many calories as possible is the key to weight loss.
While burning fat (as measured in calories) is certainly important, the process is ultimately much more complicated.

For example, most people think there’s only one kind of fat—bad body fat. The truth is that our bodies have two kinds of fat: white fat (the stored fat that’s hard to shed and doesn’t do us much good), and brown fat (which helps keep the body warm through a process called thermogenesis).

Thermogenesis involves burning calories, which means that the presence of brown fat actually helps us shed the pesky white fat that’s not providing any particular benefit to the body. Here’s how it works: brown fat stimulates thermogenesis anytime you consume food—and the more brown fat you have, the more calories you’re able to burn through thermogenesis.

Brown fat works its magic through a process that researchers call the mitochondrial uncoupling of proteins, which is a fancy way of saying that brown fat optimizes your mitochondria’s ability to generate energy more efficiently with fat. It makes your body’s energy center more efficient, and burns more fat in the process.

While the ratio of white fat to brown fat begins with genetic predisposition, there’s plenty of measures you can take to increase your body’s level of brown fat, including proper diet, frequent exercise, and cold water exposure. Research has demonstrated that all of these practices partially transform adipose tissues ratios by adding brown adipose and beige adipose cells to existing white adipose tissue.

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Researchers have also shown that turmeric can help accelerate the process of “browning” your body’s fat cells (thus allowing you to burn fat more quickly and effectively). A study published in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications found that supplementation with curcumin promotes browning of white adipose tissue, as well as improved cold tolerance and carbohydrate metabolism (both of which contribute to higher levels of brown adipose tissue).

The finding was confirmed by another 2016 study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, which found that turmeric supplementation actually triggered the genetic expression of brown fat cells within white fat tissue.

This is a game changer—turmeric can actually help us engineer the fat composition of our bodies on a genetic level!

Outsmart Insomnia

The Outsmart Insomnia Protocol.

The Outsmart Insomnia Protocol is split into 4 complete modules, so you’ll find out:

  1. The real facts about what’s causing your insomnia…
  2. How to fall asleep quickly…
  3. How to start sleeping regularly again…
  4. And how to sleep deeply.


Let me take a minute to explain exactly what’s inside each module.

Module 1 is called The Truth About Insomnia.

Inside, you’ll discover the real, medical reasons for your insomnia.

You’ll find out…

  • Why the medical industry has got it wrong about insomnia for years! (And the new research that finally gets it right)…
  • What happens in a healthy brain during sleep, and what happens in a brain with insomnia…
  • The worst 3 mistakes you can make before bed that activate the wake center of your brain.

Once you understand the truth behind insomnia, you’re ready for…

Module 2: The Quick & Dirty Guide to Fall Asleep in 15 Minutes or Less

Now it’s time to get really get started. This module is all about getting to sleep quick, and saying goodbye to those miserable nights of lying awake.

It’s packed with 15 tricks to tell your brain it’s time to sleep.


  • The All-Natural Insomnia-Busting Shake Recipe. This shake is precisely designed with the right combination of ingredients to tell your brain to produce the melatonin and other neurochemicals to help you peacefully drift off to sleep…
  • The “Head-to-Toe” Total Body Relaxer. Created by meditation experts, this technique is proven to help you relax every muscle in your body, and send the message to your brain that it’s time to sleep…
  • The “Sleepy Numbers” Breathing Method. Did you know that most people don’t get enough oxygen into their blood, making their heart have to pump extra hard? This breathing method helps you absorb more oxygen with each breath, letting your heartrate slow to a relaxed level, and helping you drift off into a comfortable slumber…
  • “No Words” Visualization. 98% of people with insomnia make this one mistake that stimulates their brain and keeps them awake. (Hint: what you think about determines your brain activity)…
  • How medical researchers have found that breathing through your left nostril will send you off to sleep.

Each of these techniques will help you get to sleep in 15 minutes or less, but for a long-term cure for your insomnia, you need a little more help…

That’s why module 3 is: 3 Steps to Balance Your Brain Chemistry, Fix Your Sleep Schedule, and Cure Insomnia Forever.

This is the most vital section of the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol. There are hundreds of so-called “cures” for insomnia out there, and some of them even work… but only for a few weeks.

Long Term Results

What you’re about to see is the only long-term solution to insomnia.

All it takes is 3 steps:

  • Step 1: 4 Questions to Instantly Reveal What’s Causing Your Insomnia. We finally know what’s going wrong in the brain to cause your insomnia, but sometimes there are factors in your life that are causing those things to go wrong. The first step helps you figure out exactly what’s causing your insomnia, so you know exactly how to fix it.
  • Step 2: The Hypnotist’s Guide to Relax Your Brainwaves and Drift to Sleep. Beating insomnia is all about reprogramming your brain to fall asleep and stay asleep, and that starts with setting your brainwaves to the right frequency. In this step, you’ll find easy steps to setting your brainwaves to the exact frequency that will give you the most relaxing sleep of your life.
  • Step 3: The Sleep Schedule Solution. This is how you’ll get back to your ideal sleep schedule. It takes the findings of studies from the University of Oxford, and presents the only long-term solution to insomnia in the world. In just days, you’ll be effortlessly falling asleep at the same time every night, enjoying the healthy sleep schedule that you thought you’d never have again.

The steps in this module will have you sleeping normally again, but there’s still one part left…

Module 4: The Neuroscientist’s Secrets to Deep, Satisfying Sleep and Waking Up Refreshed.

These are the secrets to making your sleep count.

Remember Ryan’s explanation of REM and NREM sleep? Sleep by itself doesn’t actually rejuvenate you. It’s only deep sleep – Stage 3 Deep NREM Sleep – that lets you wake up feeling “like a million bucks.”

In this module, you’ll discover scientifically proven techniques to make sure you spend as much time as possible in Stage 3 NREM Sleep.

You’ll find out about…

  • “In the Moment” Thinking, and how helping your mind temporarily forget the future will lead to deeper sleep…
  • The “Stress-Free” Protocol. Did you know that worrying before falling asleep actually makes it more difficult to reach deep sleep? With this technique, you’ll get the secret to relaxing no matter your worries, so you can sleep deeply…
  • The WORST mistake made by 90% of people with insomnia that keeps you from sleeping at night (and how to avoid it)…
  • The “Ready, Set, Snooze” 5-Minute Workout. No matter how in shape you are, you can do this easy, quick workout. It’s scientifically proven to prepare your brain for the best sleep of your life!
  • Plus so much more, including the 6 Bedtime Snack Foods that send you straight into deep sleep, and the 5 Bedroom Mistakes that keep your sleep light and uncomfortable (plus how to beat them).

Each module of the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol is packed full of scientifically proven methods to slow down activity in the wake center of your brain so you can fall asleep quickly and spend the maximum amount of time in Stage 3 NREM deep sleep.

This program literally saved my life – my cardio-vascular health is better than ever, and the doctor said my risk of heart failure is virtually gone.

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The stress, fear, and anxiety that used to hit me when I thought about going to bed are gone. Now I look forward to relaxing in bed as I drift off to sleep – usually within 15 minutes! And now I wake up each morning feeling well-rested, refreshed, and ready to go!

Imagine how it would feel to actually be excited to go to bed, knowing you would fall asleep quick, sleep deeply, and wake up “bright eyed and bushy tailed.”


Five Qualities Men Find Irresistible in a Woman

Five Qualities Men Find Irresistible in a Woman

Most women believe that men care about how “hot” a woman is… and that’s it. Let me tell you how wrong that is and why. If you asked a dozen different men what they looked for you would probably get many different answers. Some would talk about having a great body, and others might mention a dazzling smile. Yet when you look at the women men that men find irresistible, you start to see something different.

Most women don’t realize that, regardless of how “pretty” she is, if she’s aggressive, selfish or demanding, then that’s a major turn off. What makes a woman captivating are the qualities that magnify her appearance. Here are 5 qualities that inspire a man to stay devoted:

Irresistible Quality #1 – Priceless:

Let me remind you of one trait that every man shares – men like expensive things. What’s more, the man that you’re interested in wants you to believe you are priceless. Some women mistakenly believe this means they are to act in a condescending and aloof manner.

That’s not what men consider appealing. Women who know they are valuable are above all happy with themselves. This acceptance of themselves frees them from the dreaded belief that, “If I were only better (prettier, skinny, etc.), a man would love me.”  Developing this new belief about yourself is simply a matter of learning a new habit.
If you feel you’re lacking any of these qualities, the good news is you can obtain each of them here <affiliate link>.

Irresistible Quality #2 – What you do is more important than what you feel.

While being in touch with your feelings is valuable, often women fall into the trap that how they feel is a reflection of who they are. What really stands out to a man is how a woman acts when she’s having a bad day.

How does she react when she’s angry?

What does she do when her man takes her for granted?

Does she ask for help when she needs it or does she simply assume he can read her mind?

Here’s what it means. What you actually do is a better indicator of who you are instead of how you feel. Feelings tend to fluctuate depending on your circumstances. Yet how you act (respond) is more about the choice you make, often in spite of your feelings.

For example, would you want to be involved with a man who keeps his word when he’s in a good mood, but forgets his promises when he’s overwhelmed? Men notice this lack of consistency as well.

Irresistible Quality #3 – Truthful

If there’s one trait that men value more than anything else in a woman, it’s honesty. That may seem awfully boring, but it’s a quality that men prize in a woman. From a guy’s perspective, once a man gives a woman his heart, she is going to have a tremendous amount of power over him. This is especially true if he marries her.
If he’s going to give her that sort of power, he has to be able to trust her.

Trust is his most valuable gift he can give her (at least in his mind). If she is dishonest, it makes him question whether he can confide in and depend on her. Telling the truth may sometimes be uncomfortable and at other times may be hard, but showing your man that he can trust you to be honest with him at all times will do wonders for your relationship.

Irresistible Quality #4 – Patient with Him

We’ve all heard the proverb, “Patience is a virtue.” Patience is key to a lasting relationship. But what exactly does it mean to be patient, anyway?

Sometimes, women think of patience in terms of simply ignoring bad behavior. That’s actually called being Codependent. A better way of describing patience is to simply think before you speak or act.

For example, if you and your boyfriend get into a disagreement, stop and ask yourself this question: “Is this worth fighting about?”  If it is, then bring it to his attention immediately; if it’s not, be patient with him, hold your tongue, and move on. The little things are worth letting go.

There are definite occasions when you should not tolerate his behavior. If he’s unfaithful, abusive, or constantly rude or disrespectful, don’t tolerate it from him. This isn’t the time to be patient and accept it. If it is worth confronting him about, tell him that you want him to change what he’s doing. Give specific examples. If he doesn’t change and the issue is vitally important to you, consider whether or not you want to stay in a relationship with a man like this. Patience is wonderful when it comes to small things. Let them fly. Yet when it comes to big, harmful things like infidelity, tolerance does much more harm than good. When you use this quality, he’ll cherish you deeply.


Irresistible Quality #5 – Gracious when he messes up

Men can’t resist a woman who is truly kindhearted. This means so much more than simply being nice to a man.  Men measure your graciousness quota based on how you act when he’s done something wrong and he’s genuinely sorry. For example, say he missed an important event. He forgot it and is genuinely sorry. Do you forgive him and move on or do you hold a grudge and purposefully “miss” an event that is important to him?

When he’s feeling vulnerable, are you condescending to him or are you gracious? It is possible to accept his apology while conveying how his action hurt you while still forgiving him and moving on.  If he’s feeling vulnerable and you don’t take advantage of it, he’ll be incredibly attracted to you. Men want a woman who is genuinely kind and will stick by his side through thin and thick, good and bad. If you can be that woman for him, he’ll never let you go.

How To Use These Qualities To Mesmerize A Man

Each of the qualities seems fairly simple, but what makes them intoxicating is when they are combined in the right mixture, like a magic potion.

If fact, once you combine them correctly, you’ll start glowing, without even trying. This is what happened to one woman named Anna the day she stepped into the elevator and pushed the button to her floor. As the elevator began its ascent, a man who had been talking on his cellphone stopped and glanced at her, then looked away. She felt a nervous twinge; and then a moment later he said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t normally do this. I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again, so I wanted to ask you if I could call you sometime.”

She tried to dismiss her experience as something random, until 2 weeks later it happened to her again at a friend’s dinner party. Two men, one on each side, kept begging for her phone number and wanting to know when they could see her again.

What happened to Anna is what I call “The Campfire Effect.” This is when you effortlessly glow and charm a man without even trying.

The truth is, I’m sharing this with you not simply for your sake, but because the man who wants to spend the rest of his life with you is desperate to feel “The Campfire Effect” from you.

The Fat Burning Soup Miracle!

Imagine creating savory soups like ham and potato soup, bacon and sweetcorn chowder soup, salmon pumpkin soup and more that taste great AND banish fat from your body!  That’s what our licensed dietitian, Dr. Anna Noel Harris has made possible for us.

No Exercise. No ridiculous diet rules, don’t even change your eating habits. Just replace one or two meals per day with our delicious fat burning soups and start SHRINKING!

Suitable for Everyone

Regardless of your age, your gender, or your eating background, Fat Burning Soup Recipes help you lose weight. Our recipes help you consume fewer calories and help you expend more calories than you consume which is essential for weight loss, while keeping you satisfied so you never feel hungry or starved.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds (or more!), Our fat burning soup recipes will help you achieve your ideal body weight. But for starting any diet or exercise program it is recommended that you consult a physician especially if you plan to dramatically lose weight.

Easy Recipes

We understand that some of you may have limited access to certain foods based on where you live but we can assure you that each of our recipes uses commonly found foods that anyone should be able to find at their supermarket.

The big thing to remember is that most people had no idea that the combination of these foods had such a strong and natural fat burning properties. Our ebook will reveal this to you.

These recipes were created with busy people in mind, so most of our recipes will only need a few minutes to prepare and cook. You can also cook the fat burning soup in advance or in batches and just reheat them when you are ready to eat them.

If you can use a microwave or fry an egg then you can prepare our recipes. All of our recipes feature a step by step guide so they are practically screw-up proof.

Not only will our recipes help you lose weight but you will also feel younger, have younger looking skin and also have more energy!

The way we see it if does not work for you then we insist that you get a refund!  Your order is backed up by our 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Your order can be automatically refunded on your account, You don’t even have to contact us!

Test it for yourself. Experience the results for yourself.  Now THAT is a more-than-fair deal, don’t you agree?

Discover Your Man’s Secret Obsession

I’m going to tell you about your man’s secret obsession.

This one secret obsession holds the key to winning a man’s love, attention, and total devotion for LIFE but not one woman in a thousand even knows it exists!  And those that do almost never share it with another soul.

Every man you know agonizes over this primal drive more than anything else… Even his sex drive.

The Hero Instinct

In fact, this drive is so hard-wired into a man’s mind that is subconsciously controls everything he does. From the time he wakes up to the moment his head hits the pillow at night.   It’s something I call “The Hero Instinct.”

The Hero Instinct is a BIOLOGICAL DRIVE just like hunger, thirst, and sex. But once this drive is triggered it becomes more powerful than all 3 combined. which makes it virtually impossible for him to ignore.

And I should warn you… When you use this secret signal on a man for the first time, get ready… Because he’ll suddenly find everything about you to be more alluring and enticing than any other woman on his radar.

By now you’re probably wondering what exactly IS the Hero Instinct… right?

Secret Obsession

Well, on the surface it’s a deep, biological drive inside every man to feel needed.  In other words, men are secretly OBSESSED with feeling irreplaceable… like they’re the only man for the job.

But it’s so much deeper than that.  You see, men are so powerfully drawn to anything that makes them feel this way that it’s the driving force behind their every thought and action without them even knowing it.

To some extent, a man might get this hidden need met from his job, hobbies, or friends. But nothing in the world can satisfy that need like a woman… a woman who knows this secret.

Now pay close attention because this is the most important part of this presentation. You see, awakening a man’s Hero Instinct is the surest way to make him fall in love with you.

In fact, there’s nothing more stunningly attractive to a man. Because it makes you his primary obsession in life.

And here’s the secret to how that works: You become a man’s obsession, not by meeting his needs… but by revealing your own. In other words, it’s not about trying to please him, it’s about giving him a way to please you.


Secret Signals

I’ve refined and perfected every Secret Signal added step-by-step instructions for each one and included tips, training, and examples I’ve developed along the way and created a complete program called:

His Secret Obsession: How to awaken a man’s most secret and powerful desire to earn your love, prove his devotion to you, and give you romance that lasts a lifetime. It’s the first on only step-by-step program that allows you to skip all the games, frustration, and heartache and connect DIRECTLY to a man’s heart in a way that captures his love and attention forever.

Inside, I reveal the most powerful words, phrases, and signals that I’ve discovered and show you exactly how to use them, in your own authentic way, to spark the romance you crave, as soon as tonight.

After learning and practicing these signals, you’ll notice an immediate difference in how men react to you. You’ll have the effortless ability to attract men and create an amazing connection almost instantly.


Escape Neuropathy

The Neuropathy Solution

Peripheral Neuropathy is a slow, gradual dying process of the peripheral sensory nerves. This “slow dying” process results from “anoxia.” Anoxia means that there is insufficient oxygen available physiological processes. So insufficient oxygen to support normal nerve cell metabolism, there is a resulting loss of nerve signal transmission between the nerve cells.

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

We now know that in Peripheral Neuropathy, dying nerves send sensory nerve transmissions back to the brain which are aberrant, or abnormal.  They are painful, hot, and tingly signals which are interpreted by the sufferer as being very uncomfortable.  This abnormal situation is due in large part to a larger-than-normal gap which is created between nerve synapses as the neurons that support them shrink and die in the presence of toxic blood.  Therefore, these pathologically retracted neurons are now “set up” to malfunction since the wider space, or gap, makes the synaptic “electric” connection much less efficient for nerve signals to transmit correctly. The effect could perhaps be compared to how a “spark plug” works in a gasoline engine; the width of the gap needing to be very precise.

By following all of the recommended procedures outlined in The Neuropathy Solution you’ll be well on your way to correcting and normalizing this abnormal spacing between nerve synapses.  Within The Neuropathy Solution you will also learn how you can restore the organic electrolyte material that is so desperately needed within this inter-neuronal gap to ensure that nerve signals happen in a normal, healthy manner.

Causes of Neuropathy

Neuropathy in the feet is a very common condition. According to the Neuropathy Association, over 20 million Americans suffer from peripheral neuropathy in the feet. Neuropathy can strike at any age, but it is more common among older adults.  It is estimated that 30% of cases of neuropathies are idiopathic.  “Idiopathic” implies there is an unknown cause.  In 30% of cases, diabetes is the cause, yet the other 40% can be attributed to the items listed below:

  • Cancer/Chemotherapy
  • Alcohol
  • Genetics
  • Trauma
  • Deficiency of vitamins, especially vitamin B12
  • Kidney failure
  • AIDS
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Tumors
  • Medication
  • Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Scleroderma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Morton’s neuroma, or “interdigital neuropathy”
  • Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Neuropathy affects many non-diabetic persons.  Reduced oxygenation of the blood in the feet may occur because of:

  • Being overweight
  • aging
  • inactivity
  • sudden reduction of blood pressure
  • Chemotherapy
  • HIV treatment


Strong medications like Gabapentin, Lyrica and OxyContin do not address the cause, nor do they cure Peripheral Neuropathy, but may suppress the symptoms in some cases.  The causes of neuropathy do not resolve with these medications. The primary causes are decreased oxygenation in the feet.   Increased waste products in the blood are another cause. This condition degenerates the sensory nerves resulting in the unwanted neuropathy symptoms.

Since drugs and surgery are not effective in the correction of neuropathy, resolving the condition requires more lifestyle management, patient education, and consistent involvement.  This situation is too time consuming for most doctors.

Many patients can and do get rid of these symptoms, and nearly all can get significant improvement by following the simple do-it-yourself procedures presented in The Neuropathy Solution.

All Natural

Those neuropathy sufferers who read and follow the simple, recommended self-management steps in The Neuropathy Solution consistently experience tremendous improvement.  Furthermore, Dr. Labrum fully stands behind The Neuropathy Solution.  If for any reason The Neuropathy Solution does not make sense to you, or deliver the results you feel it should, please return it for a full refund.

The Neuropathy Solution does not suggest the use of drugs, nor does it recommend surgery or any other invasive forms of treatment.  The techniques and procedures recommended in the The Neuropathy Solution are safe, sure, and simple enough that virtually anyone can accomplish them.

Worthwhile Improvement

Even without knowing the severity of your condition, what your age is, or the cause of your neuropathy, I am confident of this: You CAN get a worthwhile amount of improvement and correction of your neuropathy condition by following the recommendations being provided for you in The Neuropathy Solution program.  Regardless of the parameters of each individual case, I have personally advised and managed many cases of neuropathy using this approach and have had satisfying results in every one, including my own.  Most of these cases have received total relief, just as I did with my case.  Please know that extremely advanced cases probably won’t achieve such dramatic results.  But please be mindful that these types of patients would undoubtedly be grateful for even 10-30% improvement.

The Neuropathy Solution program is available for instant purchase and download at www.TheNeuropathySolution.com.  Once you’ve downloadedThe Neuropathy Solution you can immediately begin implementing the recommended steps. It’s that simple and easy!

The Neuropathy Solution contains steps that, when followed as directed, can provide almost instantaneous relief.

Download Today!

As of right now The Neuropathy Solution is available as a downloadable PDF-format document.  Enjoy on many electronic devices, and easily print on any home printer.  We anticipate reprinting a “physical” copy of the program, but not in the near term.  Therefore, the best method for receiving updates and information concerning a future physical copy of the program is via Dr. Labrum’s Neuropathy Bulletin.  So if you haven’t done so already, be sure to subscribe to this important resource by clicking here.

Dr. Labrum highly encourages each sufferer and student of neuropathy and related subjects to read as much related material as possible.  It is important to gain exposure to a wide cross-section of treatments and theories.  And to inspire you in this endeavor, Dr. Labrum has included a list of trusted titles publications on Neuropathy Resources page on this site.  You can view these recommendations by clicking here.

The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet

The 3 Week Diet is a foolproof, science-based weight loss program that’s 100% guaranteed to help you lose weight quickly.

Designed by a nutritionist, this diet has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their weight loss goals – faster than any other diet out on the market today.

Lose Pure Body Fat

On average, people who undertake The 3 Week Diet lose between 12 to 23 pounds (5 to 10 kilograms) of pure body fat over the course of 21 days. Some users are even able to lose as much as 33 pounds (15 kilograms) from the diet. It all depends on how much effort you put into the diet.

The 3 Week Diet is suitable for people of all ages, all ethnicities, and all body types.

Whether you are looking to drop a few pounds for an upcoming event, get the body you’ve always dreamed of, or simply improve your health – The 3 Week Diet will work for you.

The diet comes from years of scientific research and testing. This diet works for people of all sizes and fitness levels around the globe.

Save Money

All the foods recommended in The 3 Week Diet are not expensive and can be found at your local supermarket or grocery store. In fact, you will probably save money by following The 3 Week Diet since every meal is set out for you in the exact quantities according to your measurements – with no leftover waste!

Additionally, there are no supplements that you are required to buy in order to complete Diet.

The workouts are very minimal and not a requirement if you want to lose weight with The 3 Week Diet. They help accelerate the process, but you can still lose just as much weight following the diet alone. If you chose to do them, they are very light and not strenuous. A gym membership is not necessary.

Your Gluten Free Shopping List!

Gluten Free Foods and gluten heavy foodshttps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/a2/2e/98/a22e9863c4dc8688756259fa4d6df14e.jpg

Going Gluten Free

Gluten free (GF) has become one of the fastest growing food movements of recent years. 22% of adults have removed the protein from their diets, and there were 1,700 new GF products introduced to the market last year. (Update: The New York Times reports that 11% of American households have bought GF products in 2013. Only 1.8 million Americans (0.6% of population) actually have celiac disease). But what’s the hype all about?

Celiac Disease

Gluten free diets are primarily used for the treatment of Celiac disease, an autoimmune disease that lives in the small intestine. When a person with Celiac consumes gluten, his or her immune system starts to attack the villi of the small intestine, which prevents the absorption of nutrients. According to another estimate, about 3 million Americans either suffer from Celiac or have increased gluten sensitivity, but 97% of those cases remain undiagnosed since symptoms are similar to those of a variety of other conditions–general digestive issues, diarrhea, bloating, and fatigue, all results of malnourishment. A GF diet is the only way to stop the effects and prevent complications of Celiac.

Why Try It?

However, gluten free is catching on even among those without Celiac for a number of reported health benefits. Studies show that less gluten in your diet can lead to clearer thinking, reduced inflammation, and increased energy. As a vegan, I know that there are drawbacks and upsides to all dietary restrictions, so I’ve always been skeptical of further reducing my list of food option by going gluten free. Just like not eating animal products can deprive a person of essential nutrients without proper substitutes, no gluten means that you miss out on many of the health benefits of glutenous foods. Finding GF products can be difficult for people without access to expansive grocery stores, and they often come with a high price tag.

I do not have Celiac disease, but for curiosity’s sake, and at my friend’s recommendation, I decided I’d try being GF for a week to see what it’s all about. But before I began, I sketched out a plan to ensure success. I did my homework to learn as much as I could about gluten and was surprised at what the actual guidelines of GF were. Gluten is protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale (a wheat-rye hybrid). That means I can’t eat any of those foods or foods made with them. I consulted the GF encyclopedia, glutenfree.com, to get a list of what to look for and avoid when I went grocery shopping. The Mayo Clinic also had a handy guide to the details of the diet.


I’m no stranger to restrictive diets, and I am not planning to embark upon a week of deprivation. I knew that if I wasn’t smart about finding other carbohydrate options especially, I’d be miserable and feel unwell. But you can see in the above, there are many naturally GF foods, including all fruits and vegetables, that are completely fine to eat; and for non-vegans, dairy and meat are also on the Yum! list. I was happy to see that a number of grains I already have in my menu cycle, like quinoa and rice, are also GF. This week, I’ll try adding some new things to take the place of my wheat-based bread and cereals, which I’ll be able to continue to eat even after the week is through.

The Experiment

Last Friday, I embarked upon an experiment to see why everyone was suddenly so excited about Gluten-Free diets, even in the absence of gluten-aggravated Celiac disease. My seven days are up, and I must say I would not recommend this diet unless required for medical reasons. I kept a log of how I felt and some of the new things I tried along the way, which hopefully will help you decide if going GF is right for you.

Day 1:

Things are off to a good start. I made a tasty breakfast of quinoa, soy milk, banana, and flax meal, which kept me full throughout the morning. The quinoa was a great substitute for my go-to cereals, like wheat bran and wheat germ, which are not GF. Things got challenging, though, when I couldn’t part take in the bread basket at lunch . . . but I prevailed.

Day 2:

I woke up surprisingly energized after less than 6 hours of sleep. Could it be working this fast?! My challenge today was going out to dinner, but thankfully the restaurant I chose was vegan (and thus conscious of special diets): the menu had a handy guide that indicated what items were gluten-free, soy-free, and nut-free. I was bummed I could not enjoy a seitan dish, but overall I was happy with my other options. Without the menu’s coding, though, it would have been hard to choose what I could order.

Day 3:

Another morning full of energy–hooray! I went shopping to pick up some gluten free items, including amaranth, almond flour, and coconut flour. These were somewhat hard to find in the grocery store (even on my store’s Organic floor), and the flours were particularly expensive. I can see that GF might be a hindrance for my baking hobby.

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Day 4:

I’ve been trying different kinds of bread lately–quinoa and spelt among them–with great results. But my first gluten free bread, made of brown rice, did not make me happy. It had a strange consistency of rice that was left to cook too  long in the pot: very hard, spongy, and dry. I’m not sure what I’ll do with this loaf once this week is over. Croutons?

Day 5:

Today for lunch I enjoyed a delicious gluten free soup, adapted from Smitten Kitchen. My miso was GF, but be sure to check the ingredients in yours (no barley!). To make it a meal, I added a scoop of quinoa and some GF/vegan almond cheese.

[Editor’s Note: Original version of this article suggested Lisanatti as a vegan cheese option. But Lisanatti almond cheese is NOT vegan as it contains milk protein. Vegan Gourmet brand cheddar cheese is a vegan, gluten-free, and certified delicious option. We apologize for the confusion.]

Day 6:

For a snack, I packed one of the gluten free Apple Cinnamon muffins I made. These are filling and dense, but definitely not real muffins.

Day 7:

Today I fell off the wagon (but for a good cause!). I indulged in a piece of vegan chocolate cake during an office mate’s celebration, which I could not confirm was GF. Socializing while sticking to GF is just as hard as it is when you’re vegan, and I sympathize with those who don’t have the luxury of “cheating” due to medical complications.

In summary, this is what I took away from this week:

Pros: More energy, interesting new food options, lost about 1 pound (although I can’t claim any of these effects had a causal link to being GF).

Cons: Felt limited by restrictions, some digestive issues (rice is binding), substitutions were not always satisfying, suffering from ketones (dry mouth, bad breath, from low-carb/low-calorie diets) near the end of the week. Tonight, I’m going to embrace the whole wheat I’ve missed the past seven days.

Will you try gluten free?

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Paleo Diet Guide For Energy All Day Long!

The Paleo diet is based upon the idea of eating the foods our bodies were designed for through thousands of years of evolution.  These foods were available to early people through hunting and gathering [meat and fish, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables].  During modern times, advances in technology have made other forms of food available for consumption [grains, dairy, and processed foods], which are not as easy for our bodies to digest.

The foods recommended in the Paleo diet generally provide our bodies with more efficient, long-lasting energy that also aid in burning fat. The Paleo Diet is considered to be optimal for digestion, blood sugar regulation, metabolism, and sleep.

Benefits of the Paleo Diet include:

  • Balanced energy all day long
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Stabilize their blood sugar
  • Burn off extra stored body fat
  • Fewer headaches and brain fog

‘Primal’ generally refers to Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint way of eating which is very similar to Paleo, but allows some leeway with certain types of dairy and has fewer restrictions on saturated fat intake. Throughout this book, we use “Paleo” and “Primal” as interchangeable terms.

Generally speaking, the Paleo Diet is a high protein, moderate fat diet, and the Primal Blueprint is considered to be a high fat, moderate protein diet. Many people who follow this way of eating consider the terms to be one and the same. How ever you personally decide to “title” the ancestral diet that you abide by, both stem from the core principle of eating the foods our bodies were designed to eat: plants and animals.

We eat a wide variety of meats, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Colorful Fruits and Vegetables, Healthy fats from coconut, avocado, pastured fatty cuts of meat, grass fed butter, olive oil, and some nuts and seeds. The options are endless!

However, you should avoid all grains, dairy, soy, legumes, refined sugar, and alcohol.  Contrary to popular belief, whole grains are not so healthy to human beings. We simply have not adapted to be able to digest grains. Grains contain toxic anti-nutrients, lectins, gluten, and phytates.

Lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about gluten.  Gluten, found in wheat, rye, and barley, is a composite of the proteins gliadin and glutenin. Around 1% of the population are celiacs, people who are completely and utterly intolerant of any gluten.

In celiacs, any gluten in the diet can be disastrous. We’re talking compromised calcium and vitamin D3 levels, hyperparathyroidism, bone defects. Really terrible stuff. And it gets worse: just because you’re not celiac doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to the ravages of gluten. As Stephan highlights, one study showed that 29% of asymptomatic (read: not celiac) people nonetheless tested positive for anti-gliadin IgA in their stool. Anti-gliadin IgA comes from the gut, and it remains there until it’s dispatched to ward off gliadin – a primary component of gluten.

Basically, the only reason anti-gliadin IgA ends up in your stool is because your body sensed an impending threat – gluten. If gluten poses no threat, the anti-gliadin IgA stays in your gut. And to think, most Americans eat this stuff on a daily basis.Phytates are a problem, too, because they make minerals bio-unavailable (so much for all those healthy vitamins and minerals we need from whole grains!), thus rendering null and void the last, remaining argument for cereal grain consumption.”

Eating foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol will not cause heart disease. Your body cannot function properly without adequate levels of cholesterol. The brain needs fat. Your brain is mostly fat and needs fat to really thrive. People at risk for heart disease are often on a low fat, high carb diet. Statins save lives, and come packaged with many harmful side effects. Just more reason to ditch the grains, and up the fat!

Adequate calcium comes from dark leafy greens like kale, spinach, and broccoli. We also get calcium from mineral rich bone broth.

Often you can find most of our pantry items at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or our local Food Coop. If we cannot find an item we are looking for in a specialty health food store near us, then we often will order it online from Amazon.

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